The Divine

- This is the philosophy of the brand

Philosophy 1.61

The number 1.61 is not unfamiliar to mathematicians. It expresses the divine proportion of the golden ratio, to which the whole of wildlife is subordinated. The golden ratio was known already in ancient Egypt, Babylon, India, and China. The great Pythagoras established a secret school where the mystical essence of the golden ratio was studied. Euclid applied it in creating his geometry, and Phidias used it in creating his timeless sculptures. Plato said that the universe was designed in accordance with the golden ratio. And Aristotle found the link between the golden ratio and the law of ethics. The supreme harmony of the golden ratio, as preached by Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, is that beauty and the "golden ratio" are one and the same. This proportion can be seen in the curves of sea shells, in the textures of flowers, in the guise of beetles, and in the beautiful human body.
The first collection of the brand is based on the idea of simplicity. While selecting the most effective methods, the artists consciously avoid complexity of style. While seemingly simple, the decorations are actually quite ingenious – only rarely is there someone who does not smile when they see moths dancing around their face. Because of this the collection is deliberately simple – it does not possess stylistic "beauty" or unnecessary ribbons. Flexible lightweight titanium is the hard base metal used in the collection.
The new 1.61 Jewellery Agency enterprise uses the golden ratio as the basis for their principal of aesthetics. With no ambition in regard to design, Inna Fedoseeva and her partners have selected only those things from the stream of the variegated world of jewellery which correspond to their understanding of the golden ratio. Inna Fedoseeva bases the selection of jewellery on her own views of what should be pleasing for a modern woman, living in a big city, raising children, working and travelling a lot. The way she sees it, jewellery should be light and simple yet elegant; it should not attract any unhealthy attention from those around, but it also should not remain unnoticed.
The famous jewellery artist Alexey Badgers agreed to draw up the first collection for the 1.61 brand. So it was created in the shape of a butterfly – one of the more celebrated illustrations of the golden ratio.